Climate Change


Climate change is a global challenge that has no borders. The main cause of climate change is global warming, which has many negative consequences on physical, biological and human systems, as well as other effects.
Identifying that climate change cannot be avoided, Caritas Isiolo has centrally placed climate change mitigation approaches at the centre of our approaches.


Our Approach

We seek to employ techniques that can mitigate the effects of climate change though application of small scale measures that help slow down climate change.

1. Mitigation of Effects of Climate change

We are working with Isiolo communities to reduce and limit greenhouse gas emissions through investment and promotion of renewable energies i.e. Use of solar power in power in place of Kerosene, Energy saving Jikos to curb on excessive use of wood…,.

2. Adaptation to Climate Change

Looking as at a sustainable means of responding to climate change, we are focusing too on reducing vulnerability in the face of the effects of climate change through improving infrastructure and making facilities safer and more resilient, reforesting, water treatment and purification, flexible and varied forms of livelihoods.

3. Policy Formation and Enactment

Having in place policies that seek to protect the welfare and lives of communities is key in responding to climate change.