Transforming Lives in Lengwenyi through CRS-Drought Crises Response Project


Transforming Lives in Lengwenyi through CRS-Drought Crises Response Project A story of transformation takes shape in Lengwenyi, a town formerly overtaken by the never-ending search for water. It is a story of resiliency, optimism, and the significant influence of the CRS_DCR project initiative. Mr. Mulinge, a proud Lengwenyi local, took a seat to talk about his community's experience and the amazing improvements this project has brought about. The journey began when project officials, who were sensitive to the needs of the community, initiated conversations to better understand the inhabitants' challenges. Water emerged as the scarcest resource, influencing all aspects of existence. Lengwenyi rallied for change through unified community conversations, making a passionate request for a water project. This was the beginning of their collaboration with CRS-DCRP. “Before the CRS-DCR project intervention, Lengwenyi faced a daily struggle for water. Residents, especially women, traversed long, weary distances—4 kilometers to Kawalash or 5 kilometers to the Ewasonyiro River in Kipsing—in pursuit of this life-giving resource,” Mr. Ruben vividly recalled the toil, especially for women who, after fetching water, still had to tend to household chores, “water scarcity led to compromised hygiene, fostering waterborne diseases like diarrhea and Cholera. The school suffered, as food preparation was a challenge, and the absence of water impacted the students' hygiene. Even the grazing patterns for livestock were disrupted due to the need for an entire day devoted to watering.” With the implementation of the CRS_DCR project, Lengwenyi witnessed a radical transformation. Solarization and piping done, a water kiosk materialized, channeling water to both the school and the heart of the community. " Suddenly, water was right there, in our school and at our village. No more long walks to the river" Mr. Mulinge emphasized,” the impact is profound—500 residents now have reliable access to clean water. This has not only enhanced hygiene but also prompted the construction of more latrines, significantly reducing the incidence of waterborne diseases.” The project's benefits extended beyond water access. Job opportunities blossomed during the piping and kiosk construction, providing livelihoods for the community. Young residents found employment, not only improving their economic standing but also enabling them to afford nutritious foods, combating malnutrition. Inspired by the success, the community delved into discussions about sustainable practices. A decision has been made to set aside a piece of land where they will collectively start farming nutritious foods, ensuring food security and combatting malnutrition. Mr. Mulinge proudly shared, "We are not just getting water; we are securing our future. We have decided to start growing our own food, and our children will grow up healthier." In addition, a gesture of gratitude, plans are underway to construct a latrine near the water kiosk for project donors to use during their routine assessments and visits, a symbol of appreciation. As Lengwenyi basks in the success of the CRS_DCR project, Mr. Mulinge extends a heartfelt request for further assistance. The community seeks support for the construction of animal water troughs, aiming to provide a dedicated water source for livestock. Additionally, they appeal for tools to facilitate the ongoing construction of more latrines, cementing the foundation of improved sanitation. The waves of change brought about by the CRS_DCR project has completely reshaped the lives of the people who used to struggle in Lengwenyi but who are now able to stand tall. The ripples of this transformation extend beyond water access, touching every facet of community life, fostering health, and a brighter future. -Story by: Idah Gacheri – MEAL & ICT Volunteer Photo Credit: McSmith Mwenda – DCRP PO Date: 10th November 2023. Project Name: CRS-Drought Crises Response Project. Sub county Name: Isiolo. Ward name: Oldonyiro Village Name : Lengwenyi