Poor access to clean and adequate water has been a key challenge that residents of Nomads Village, Burat Ward, Isiolo County have grappled with for a long time. A spring (Nomads Water Spring) that was the main source of water for an estimated 900 pastoral families (4,500 individuals) got depleted due to deforestation upstream coupled with pressure occasioned by high demand for water by the village’s big population. It is in light of this, Caritas Isiolo after consultations and subsequent assessment that involved the local community and the Water Resources Authority made a decision to protect and rehabilitate the Water Spring under CAFOD Appeal Phase II Project. The work was undertaken between February and April, 2019 involved construction of a 25m3 masonry water tank, installation of solar panels, water pump installation, pipeline extension and construction of a water sump. According to WRA, the project has since become a model that the agency recommends for replication by other development partners. The successful completion of the project has had a significant impact on the Nomads Community as narrated below by a beneficiary: My name is Rose Asulon mother of 5 and a resident of Nomads Village, Burat Ward, Isiolo County. Inadequate access to clean and adequate water has been a big challenge that we have faced in this area. Before protection and rehabilitation of this water spring, we used to rely on Isiolo River whose water is often contaminated. During periods of severe drought, the river could dry up and this would endure an 10 km walk to and from the nearest water supply to fetch drinking water for my family. Competition with livestock for water increased our misery there. Alternatively, we extracted water from Laggas which was tedious and time consuming. As a woman, I hardly found time for household chores and other important undertakings because I spent most of my time searching for water. Cases of water related infections such as watery diarrhea were common in our families. Rehabilitation of this water spring has brought a huge relief to me and the larger Nomads Community. I now only needs to travel 4 kilometers to and from this spring for clean drinking water. Moreover, I hardly spend more than one minute to fetch water here and this saves me a tremendous amount of time each day. Similarly, as a community, we no longer use the contaminated Isiolo River and consequently waterborne diseases are now a thing of the past after the protection Walibese spring. This means that our community is now healthier and richer because cumulative expenditure on medication has gone down. Children especially girls no longer accompany us in search of water and consequently have time to concentrate in school. A big thank you Caritas Isiolo and the donor (CAFOD) for this great support. We keep praying that God bless you.